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Types of Animals

Amphibians - Toads, frogs and salamanders are the most prominent types of amphibians. Typically small animals with moist skin, amphibians are animals that live two lives - one on land and another in the water. Generally amphibians grow up living in water with gills during juveniles stages. As amphibians mature they often loose their ability to 'breathe water' and instead become obligate air breathers that often live in close proximity to lakes, streams or other sources of water. Amphibians are cold blooded and typically live either in the ground and ground litter or near water.  The prominent exception is toads which are abundant in some deserts.
Birds - Found through-out the world, birds exist in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and of course colors. With distinctive coloring as a hallmark, birds are among the most recognized, and charismatic of all creatures which draw our attention because of their two most obvious characteristics - flight and feathers.  
Fish - Adapted to life in water, fish are found in our oceans, - from freezing water near the poles to the warm tropical coral reefs - lakes and rivers. Despite being a single group, fish are actually several groups of species which have been lumped together - bony fish, cartilageonous fish and jawless fish. Additionally, fish can be differentiated base on the environments they are adapted to with fish typically being restricted to life in either freshwater or salt water, while a few species such as salmon spend parts of their lives in both fresh- and salt water.
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