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International Issues functions as an educational portal where visitors can find information about many topics related to the environment. This portal was created out of an interest in using the internet as a medium for communicating with and educating people about the environment in which they live and interact. The initial vision for this portal was driven by the distinct lack of objective information about environmental topics, especially resources use.  While the information contained in this site makes a sincere attempt to maintain objectivity, the editors operating this site hold the sincere belief that the environment is currently being unsustainably exploited for residential, commercial and recreational purposes.  The root causes of this exploitation are likely products of unsustainable human population growth, economic expansion and ignorance.  E-Pioneer is trying to counteract the third of these by educating all interested parties. All information posted on this site is carefully reviewed for factual errors and when possible visitors are directed to appropriate resources to find out more.

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Eco-Tourism Conservation References Articles Agriculture Forestry Fisheries Mining

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